Hurtado Rivas Looks to the East

Hurtado Rivas, a Valencian robotics company, is expanding into South East Asia following agreements signed in Malaysia and Thailand.


Europac, in Bangkok has been the Thailand partner chosen for the expansion, while Senjin in Kuala Lumpur is the chosen one for Malaysia.

The company, with its headquarters in Picassent, already operates in Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Paraguay, Venezuela and Pakistan, as well as Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.

Hurtado Rivas specializes in the development of robotized applications, such as: palletizing, fitting, loading and unloading in the Food and beverages, plastic, metal, glass and wood industries.


The Philippines is the next market on Hurtado Rivas’s shopping list.



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