Hollywood Honours Valencian Musician

Josué Vergara may not be a prophet in his own land, but he’s pretty well known in Hollywood, where he was nominated for three Hollywood Music in Media Awards in 2014, the only Spaniard to achieve this honour.


For this reason Vergara was in the Henry Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles on November 4th 2014 for the prize ceremony.

The music that he was nominated for was ‘Tierra Mojada’, ‘Esperando’ and ‘Motonómadas’.

More recently, in Mrach 2016, he was back in California to pick up the Akademia Music Award, and a silver medal Global Music Award, his second, for the song Sonríe, composed for the short film XMile,by the Valencian director Miguel Ángel Font Bisiar.

Although born in Valencia and currently residing in Paterna, a city not too dissimilar to Hollywood, Vergara lived in Geneva, Switzerland from the age of 10 learning his trade and producing music.

Like Mozart, his talent was spotted young, and in Geneva he studied at first at the musical conservatory, developing the skills he had taught himself at the earliest of ages.


He lived, studied and worked in Switzerland until he was 20, in 1997, when he decided to return home.

Currently he is working on the soundtrack of El rey amarillo, by R.W. Chambers, directed by the Valencian Guillermo Barreira, as well as a soundtrack for a documentary about the Valencian painters Segrelles and Pinazo, directed by Ignacio Estrela, and a road movie short about Down’s Syndrome.

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