Hard Rock Café, Valencia

The Hard Rock finally hit Valencia, but fortunately this is not an example of American Gastro-Imperialism, as the owners have opted for high quality local produce to satisfy international appetites.


So for example the 100% ecologically produced extra virgin organically grown olive oil comes from Casalbert:


All the chocolate comes from Chocolates Comes, which has its own chocolate museum in Sueca:


The always fresh, never frozen meats are from Cárnicas Embuena, a 40 year old company producing gluten-free, hormone-free meat from free range animals.


There is also craft beer from Antiga Artesana of Catarroja:


So, lots of local produce producing all your favourite American specials as you sit beneath famous trousers.

Depending where you sit in this two floor restaurant in central Valencia, you are likely to be beneath a guitar played by someone famous, as the eatery is also a museum full of memorabilia. We for example were able to stare at Keith Richard’s leather waistcoat as we waited for a Jumbo Combo, a selection of all kind of Amerikana such as chicken wings, onion rings and fajitas.

A lot of imagination has gone into a menu that offers atomic burgers, Guinness and Jameson bacon cheeseburger or haystack chicken salad.

If Elvis is always on your mind you could try a Tupelo tender chicken, served up with artisan fries.

But Hard Rock has always been a visual experience, with multiple screens and blaring music, as well as super friendly waiters who come over and introduce themselves and get you worried that they are seeking adoption rather than a tip.

The cocktails are pretty special too, or at least the names are, for instance a tribute to Jimi Hendrix called Purple Haze, and you can take the glass home with you if you pay a bit extra.

For those of us who watch our intake the menu, comparable with War and Peace in size, contains all sorts of medical hints to keep you on the slim and narrow.

If you drop a hint that it’s your birthday, a group of waiters will come and sing at your table with a cake and sparkler, an event that occurred three times when we were there.

Hard Rock is all about detail, such as the stiletto served with each hamburger, a cunning aside to West Side Story no doubt; and the toilets, don’t get me started on the toilets! I could have spent all night in there with my own personal rock concert blaring out and the intriguing device with the ice blue lights which may or may not have been intended for hand drying.

Hard Rock Valencia also has an adjoining shop for your own memorable collection, and is located in Avenida Del Marqués de Sotelo 6, within spitting disttance of the Town Hall and Railway station.


All Photos by Mark Sicon


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