The Good, the Wine and the Refill

Canallas is more than a bottle of wine, it is a way of life.


The Arráez family vineyard was founded in 1916, when men still rode horses and drank whiskey in the taverns of the mean mountains of the Valencia hinterland, where the forces of law and order and the money of the railroads hadn’t quite smothered the human spirit.

In 1980, under Antonio Arráez Ibanco, the company was industrialised and internationalised, and from 2007 onwards, Toni Arráez Calabuig took charge of managing the winery, a third generation of frontier opening enterprise in a time before barbed wire had quite strangled the open prairies.

From the Badlands of Font la Figuera, this Valencian wine company brings you a bottle of wine to remind us that it was in Spain that Sergio Leone made his classic spaghetti westerns with a young Clint Eastwood, and changed the genre forever.


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