A Fresh Deal for Farmers

Freshdeal is the first Company in Spain that has created a B2B (Business to Business) platform for the agricultural sector. And since 2015 the company has persuaded 2,300 companies to get on board, selling and buying fruit and vegetables all over the world.

This success is largely due to the work and vision of Freshdeal’s CEO José Manuel Donatel from Valencia.

Already the platform is being accessed in 120 countries, starting with the USA, after the company’s integration in a New York B2B platform in 2016, from where the company made a leap into the Canadian and Latin American sectors.

Other countries participating in their network are Italy, France, Egypt, India, Peru, Vietnam, Ukraine, Turkey and South Africa, and the Company now operates out of offices in New York, Dubai, Tauberbischofsheim, in Germany and of course Valencia, where the deal started..

Signing up with Freshdeal only takes 2 minutes, and after that, to paraphrase Shakespeare, the world is your oyster, or perhaps the world is your onion would soundbetter.



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