On the 25th October APAVAC held their first meeting in Castelló. Fifty-five colleagues attended, getting all kinds of information about the origins, aims and everyday life of our association.


People attending could ask about what we do and suggest improvements they thought positive.

The meeting took place in CEFIRE Castelló thanks to the support beyond the call of duty of assessor Sarah Bagant who made us feel at home.

After the presentation there was a talk by our APAVAC man in Castelló , teacher trainer Richard Brown whose “Firm foundations, fast feedback and new frontiers” inspired all those present .


During the coffee break people went on sharing points of view, getting to know each other and also getting a closer view of the association.


Finally, we enjoyed a workshop by Rafael Casaní Martinez, also teacher and active member, in which we all took part in a pub quiz while learning how to prepare an activity like this for our classes.

At the end of the morning there was a raffle draw and then a group of people had lunch together as a perfect ending to the morning.


All in all the morning turned out to be very interesting, satisfying and rewarding.

A huge thank you, Castelló !!

Looking forward to our next event there!

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