FALLING IN LOVE – Rock Music Video Shoot in Teatre Micalet

This week the Valencian rock band DAZE OF DAWN completed filming of the first music video clip off their latest album SOFA KING COOL (Clamrecords 2013) for their song FALLING IN LOVE.

FALLING IN LOVE Video ShootThe video was shot in Teatre Micalet in Valencia, a fantastic old theatre near the city center.  The video production team Estudio Laberinto worked tirelessly with the band for 2 days getting the lighting and the shots just right and have now moved on to the next challenging task of editing the raw footage.

Have a look at the full photo session from the video shoot for FALLING IN LOVE here.

FALLING IN LOVE Video Shoot 2Normally, rock bands do not get our attention here at Valencia international, but this one fits our newspaper particularly well because the singer of DAZE OF DAWN (Claude Robillard) is Canadian and their music is in English.  Claude also happens to be our Valencia International  webmaster and design guru.

Listen to FALLING IN LOVE – the song behind the video.

FALLING IN LOVE Video Shoot 4Daze of Dawn has produced 5 albums since their formation in 2001 and continue to distribute their music internationally to great acclaim.  They have received reviews and radio play from Japan to New Jersey, California to New Zealand and all votes are in that Daze of Dawn is SOFA KING COOL.

More music and information at http://dazeofdawn.com

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