EU Eco-Plans for Valencia

In May 2014 the European Union approved plans to invest 82.5million €uros LIFE+ projects aimed at improving the environment in Spain. 51 projects have received these funds, 10 of which are to take place in the Valencian Community with a total of 16.2 million €uros.

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The investment is part of a three year pan-European project of 225 ecological programmes with a total investment of 589.3 million €uros, half of which will be provided by the EU.

One of the projects, LIFE ECOdigestion, is being carried out by the Valencian utilities company, Aguas de Valencia S.A, not to be confused with that delicious local drink, ‘Agua de Valencia’, with its orange juice, champagne and other magical ingredients. This project aims to test an innovative automated control device for waste dosage, with the aim of increasing biogas production by anaerobic co-digesters in wastewater treatment plants. Among other results, with this technology they expect to increase the waste co-digestion capacity of the plant by 60% and its biogas production by 20%.

Another scheme, LIFE ECOCITRIC, is a project of La Vall D’uixo Town Hall. This project will demonstrate the technical, economic and environmental viability of a new valorisation system for agricultural waste from pruning citruses. The model proposed promotes prevention, reuse and recycling of waste, focusing on the concept of lifecycle and the eco-design of market-valuable products from citrus waste.

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