Elche Lab Leads Anti-Zika Mission

The Elche- based laboratory Genetic PCR has developed a new, “highly inclusive” RT-qPCR kit for rapid genetic detection of the Zika virus.
The RT-qPCR kit allows Zika virus genetic detection in any sample, and is already available worldwide. The test is more inclusive, and all reagents are stable at room temperature and served in a monodose dtec-qpcr format that minimalises handling.
Recently, the Zika virus disease, transmitted by Aedes mosquito bites, has spread in the Americas and the Caribbean, following the first cases reported in Brazil.

A causal relationship between Zika virus infection and birth defects and neurological syndromes has not been established, but is strongly suspected.
As the spread of Zika virus disease continues, the risk of Zika-infected travellers entering Europe increases.
Imported cases of Zika virus infection have been reported in several European countries.

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