Elastic Confort Going to the Mattresses

80% of all mattresses are thrown away and not recycled; which is good news for the American Mafia next time they go to the mattresses, but bad news for the rest of us.
Fortunately, the Valencian company, Elastic Confort, part of the European Consortium, Europeo Urbanrec, is working on a solution, and investing 1.5 million euros, so that we can all sleep in peace and the planet needn’t rest in peace.
This SME based in L’Alcudia, along with 20 companies from other European countries, forms part of a three year project to design a complete recycling programme that will enable a whole series of sub-products to be obtained from these important objects, upon which we spend about a third of our lives (more like 50% in the case of some adolescents I know).
It is estimated that in Spain about 16 millon mattresses are thrown out each year, and that 80% end up in dumps, while 2 millon tons of foam are used every year in Europe in the manufacture of new mattresses.


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