Doctor Miracle: Pedro Cavadas

The latest operation carried out by Dr Cavadas undoubtedly saved the life of Kenyan Mike Koech.
Since 2011, when he first met Dr Cavadas this father of three has been operated on four times in the Manises hospital
With the help of the Red Cross, and after having already lost both legs as the result of a fire, the giant tumor in his head was finally, successfully removed.

Most doctors try to be helpful, but when Doctor Pedro Cavadas says he’s going to lend you a hand, then you know that he means it.


Valencia-based Doctor Cavadas is famous throughout the world for his innovative plastic surgery techniques and his ability to save amputated limbs when most others would have resigned themselves to losing them.

Working in various Valencian hospitals and offering his help worldwide from his foundation in Paseo de Facultades 4, the doctor recently made world headlines when he restored an arm severed into four parts to 30 year old Cecilia Molina, who had been mangled by a garlic grinder which had trapped her glove.

In Europe he is the only doctor who has been capable of performing this operation, the only other one being in China.

Another first for Cavadas occurred recently when he sewed back on both the hands of Alba Lucía Carmona, being the first doctor ever to achieve this feat (get the pun?) with a woman. Although 70% of hand transplants suffer from rejection and infection, this was not the case of Alba, who has already recuperated a significant level of sensitivity and mobility in her hands.

Another famous case involved two Kenyan boys, whose penises were amputated by local witchdoctors who believed, or purported to believe, that when dried, the members of virgins could be used to cure AIDS.

The two boys, 15 year old Oscar Kituy and 11 year old Phillipe Barasa, were operated on at the Centro de Rehabilitación de Levante by Doctor Cavadas, who learnt about the case on one of his frequent missions to Africa, where his foundation has already helped ten boys in similar circumstances.

A similar mission of mercy involved a Guatemalan boy, Eduardo Josué, who was given a new cranium by Cavadas after eleven years of painful, fruitless operations.

Dr. Pedro C. Cavadas has worked on Reconstructive Microsurgery in Spain since 1994. He developed the perforator flaps known as SS-PTP, M-SAP and BiFeP, among others.

Dr. Cavadas and his colleagues perform 1,400 surgeries per year to offer solutions to patients rejected elsewhere, or people with highly disabling conditions.

He was born November 1965, and completed Medical School in 1989, finishing his specialisation in Plastic Surgery in 1995, when he became Physician Doctor at Valencia University.

Some of his honours include winning the International Ibero-Latino-American Federation prize for Residents in Plastic Surgery and the Senior Resident prize for Plastic Surgery Residents in Microsurgery of the ASPS in the USA. He has published more than 57 international articles and coordinates meetings and courses about Hand Surgery & Microsurgery every year.

Patients worldwide can apply for his free services at:

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  1. frank bundi ogendi Reply

    November 26, 2017 at 07:11

    i thank dr pedro cavadas for saving my life too
    glad to have him as my doctor

  2. mike koech Reply

    December 7, 2013 at 12:32

    i thank dr.pedro cavadas for saveing my life on 2011 ihad a big tumor in my face which almost block my troth god bless you.

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