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CDs are DEAD and Digital Distribution is now available to bands everywhere. But how can bands sell their music “in person” without manufacturing CDs?  DDCARDS are the missing piece of the puzzle and the final step to freeing bands from the need to make CDs.  They provide bands, artists, record labels and producers with a powerful and innovative new way to promote and distribute digital media using a physical merchandise item.

Based in Valencia Spain and managed by Canadian musician (and Valencia International technical administrator) Claude Robillard, DDCARDS aims to provide this modern product and service that musicians desperately need and can really benefit from.

DDCARD_sample_YETI NATIONEven though CD manufacturing prices have dropped to as low as they can possibly go, it´s still a huge expense to cover for an item that most bands can only ever sell in their live shows. Physical sales are declining by the second everywhere on the planet and CD users are almost regarded as the 8-track users once were back when everyone had moved on to tapes.

DDCARDS Digital Download Cards are attractive, high quality plastic download cards that can be completely customized in design and digital content.   For beginner bands that need an easy, low-cost way to pass around their music, to professional bands that want to tour with a better merchandise product, DDCARDS are a flexible, personalized merchandise item completely under the control of the band and function as a custom promotion tool specific for each band´s needs.

DDCARD sample - Matisse LIVEA key concept here is that bands can upload anything they like to their own private server area and create a card for those secure contents.  This is incredibly flexible and limited only by the imagination of the people in charge of band promotion.  Many groups simply create ¨album cards¨ (one full album on a card), but others have created ¨best of¨ or ¨greatest hits¨ cards, VIP Press cards (that press can use to get into the band´s concerts free), simple demo cards, band business cards, single cards, discography cards, etc.

This is very different from all the other websites out there that try to help artists sell their music online.  DDCARDS actually DENIES access to the artist´s content unless the user has a card.  So the band completely controls who gets to see their exclusive content.


1. Bands upload their digital music to the secure DDCARDS website.

2. Bands design their own full-colour custom cards with any images or graphic they like, then order the cards from DDCARDS.  If the band doesn´t have a card design, for a small fee, DDCARDS can create custom artwork for the card.

3. Bands sell the cards at their merchandise table, just like CD’s.  Bands are free to distribute the cards any way they want.  So they can be used as merchandise, but also as gifts or promo-giveaways, etc

DDCARD sample - Uzzhuaia

Each card has a unique download PIN-code good for a one-time download. So 500 cards = 500 downloads. Your fans go online to the band´s secure area, enter the code and download the content. IT’S THAT EASY!

CREATE DDCARDS FOR: Albums, Singles, Live Concert Recordings, Videos, Ringtones, VIP Press Cards, Band Business/Demo cards, etc.


DDCARD metal sample

DDCARDS METAL Ideal for heavy metal band, or to make a seriously heavy impression. Metal DDCARDS are made from high grade copper material with etched letters and patterns and come in plate gold or silver colour.

DDCARDS PAPER Paper Cards. Ideal as business cards, promo cards or album inserts.

DDSTICKERS are stickers that groups can attach to vinyl releases to include a digital version of the release, or to existing CD’s or other merchandise items to include bonus live recordings, lost studio tracks, video, etc…

DDCODES (no cards) DDCODES are especially useful for email promotional campaigns and direct printing for vinyl releases and other specialized products.

DDTICKETS product image copyDDTICKETS are the most economic DDCARDS product.  Each ticket is printed with a unique DDCODE. Bands can completely customize the design of the ticket and the digital content.  Sold in advance or distributed at the door before the show. The key promo concept here is free music downloads with each ticket. Every single person in the concert will go home with some music, and some will have already downloaded it to their phones before they get there. This is 100% saturation promotion!

Bands/Songwriters: Include a new single, video, or mini song pack. Give some free music to fans right at the door. OR increase the ticket price slightly and include the entire new album or compilation with the ticket purchase. Everyone in the concert gets a digital copy of the new album, rather than just a handful of sales at the merch table.

Venues / Festival Promoters: Make DDTICKETS for large events. Give away free Digital Downloads of the artists on the bill. Each band can provide promo MP3 songs to the DDTICKETS promotion. Advance ticket sales means fans will  have advance samples of the event.


DDCARDS Media Business Cards


The DDCARDS concept isn’t just for musicians, labels and managers; it can also be for photographers, actors, directors, filmmakers, designers, or any other business that creates original and exclusive digital content. It is easy to translate this concept to people and companies that want to give a special and exclusive impression to their clients and customers.

DDCARDS Media Business Cards have a dramatic impact for their solid quality material and special novelty of added media content. If you have promotional materials, company information or other digital files you would like to place directly into the hands of your customers (PDF, DOC, JPG, videos, Ringtones – any format you need), you can include this information with your DDCARDS.

For example: one custom furniture company uses DDCARDS as their business cards. Their card design makes the cards look like “wood”, and include a full digital design catalogue in PDF format (including 3D renders), as well as a promotional video about the company.

Whatever your needs, DDCARDS can help you create a custom impression for your business.


The use of DDCARDS is intended for owners of copyrighted intellectual material or those with the appropriate authorization. DDCARDS does not support the illegal copying or distribution of digital media.  All cards are thick (0,76mm) solid plastic and the same size as standard credit cards – NOT composite cards with paper inside. DDCARDS processes orders of as few as 100 and up to 10,000 cards and more. Visit the website to see all our products and prices and get started. Shipping is FREE within Spain and Portugal.


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