Daze of Dawn´s new album is SOFA KING COOL

SOFA KING COOL - Daze of Dawn

Album cover design by Arman Rivera

For the first time in 5 years, Daze of Dawn has released a new single.  FALLING IN LOVE, a much harder and downright ¨rockier¨ tune than the sweet-sounding title suggests, is the first song off their new upcoming album SOFA KING COOL(Clamrecords 2013).

SOFA KING COOL, the band´s 5th studio album release, will be available for download worldwide on MAY 31, 2013 via iTunes, Amazon, and all other major music download portals. The single FALLING IN LOVE is available for immediate download on Bandcamp with an album pre-sale purchase.

Daze of Dawn (Claude Robillard:  vocals, guitars, harmonica – Carlos Sánchez, bass – Miguel Angel Nueda, drums) is a rock power-trio from Valencia, Spain with a Canadian singer and a bad-ass keyboard player on the side (Gabriele Del Vecchio, Keyboards).

Recording SOFA KING COOL comes as a result of the band winning the grand prize of SONA LA DIPU 2012, a major province wide Pop-Rock contest in Valencia, Spain and organized by La Diputatión de Valencia.  The grand prize included a full length album recording and production, as well as a festival tour for 2013. The first concert in this tour series was on March 9th for over 5000 rock fans in Jardines de Viveros during Fallas 2013 in Valencia.

SOFA KING COOL contains 14 new songs including 2 cover songs: You Oughta Know – Alanis Morissette and I Am The Walrus – Lennon/McCartney. The musical style and vintage instrumentation sends the listener back to the 70´s and across a fresh and changing sonic landscape of hard-rock, retro, funk, soul, folk, psychedelic blues and acoustic music.  Spanning several genres but flowing naturally together, every song on the alum is an instant classic.

SOFA KING COOL was recorded in RC Estudios (Xativa, Spain) by Pau Chafer, mixed by Grammy winning engineer Manu Tomás and Produced by Claude Robillard.




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