Itaca Consul del Mar Hotel

In Avenida del Puerto there is a curious old house built in 1905 with its labyrinth of corridors filled with old maps and period prints. The foyer reveals its stately origins, with plenty of space for the horse and carriage to drive in and at the top of the stairwell is a ‘rosa del viento’ (compass rose) showing the maritime associations of the house, as is the case with its name.

consul mar reception

All the rooms have an old-fashioned feel about them but for me undoubtedly the most outstanding discovery is the small indoor swimming pool with trees growing through the roof. I didn’t have time to check whether it’s permitted to swing from the branches and dive into the pool beating your chest Tarzan-like, but it might be worth a try.

consul mar pool

The Consul del Mar Hotel is in Avenida del Puerto 39

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