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Most of us enjoy a relaxing cocktail from time to time, as long as they are not of the Molotov variety, named after the Russian Minister who sent his tanks into Finland, where the poorly armed population used bottles of petrol to fight back.

Emilio López and Juan Carlos Blay are a Little more advanced technologically and have found the answer to every Homer Simpson’s dream, a cocktail-making robot.

These two Industrial Engineers from the Universidad Miguel Hernández (UMH) of Elche (Alicante) have named their robot UrCocktail, which for those of you who still haven’t worked out that U2 means ‘you too’, of course means ‘you are’.

So far their robot hasn’t perfected the ability to nod sympathetically when you tell it about your marital problems or even to respond to the name ‘Sam’ or chat cheerfully about the weather and the sports results, but a start is a start.
Or perhaps I should say a startup is a startup, because Emilio and Juan Carlos have moved from the classroom to the bar, as all Erasmus students learn to do eventually, and are now looking at crowdfunding options so as to perfect the device, which currently can mix up to 16 ingredients with precise measures, and to make their product commercially available to the hostelry industry.

So far the robot has learnt to make 50 different cocktails, which is as they say the beginning of a great party, and takes between 10 and 40 seconds to slap the finished product down on the bar, depending on the number of ingredients.


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