Butech: Adding Depth to the World’s Facades

A French spa, an American university, a Costa Rican museum and a Chinese hotel; they all trust in the Valencian construction materials company Butech when it comes to choosing what most people first see; the facade.


In the French town of Meudon, south of Paris, the “Domaine de la Forêt” housing development chose Butech to cover its brickwork, with predominantly orange tiles; typically Valencian.

Similar solid surface façade projects have been employed by Butech in recent years in the US, China, Mexico, UK, Switzerland, Italy and Thailand.

On the Balaruc peninsula, the Mediterranean spa of Balaruc-les-Bains has been another Butech client, working jointly with the architecture studios of DHA in Lyon and AMG in Montpellier to build a health complex in the shape of a boat.

A commercial building of great complexity, the Shenzhen Zhongzhou Project in China has been one of two projects undertaken in the Far East, the other being the Haikou Sofitel Hotel.

In the USA the University of Illinois chose Butech for the extension of one of their four Chicago campuses, in full view of the Kennedy Freeway.

And last but not least, a close collaboration with the architect Diego Van der Laat, Butech is providing the facades for the Jade Museum at San José, Costa Rica.


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