Bodeguita Lounge

The first thing that strikes you once inside Bodeguita Lounge is the huge photo of pigs feeding at a trough, which is one way to set the scene for supper I suppose.


The second thing to strike you is the profusion of wine bottles making up the main part of the decoration; in fact the rear wall turns out to be all wine bottles and transparent too.

The third thing is the effusive welcome from Monica the waitress, which gets you thinking that the Holy Grail must be hidden here somewhere.


I don’t really know why they call them waitresses; Monica can’t wait to take your order and see you leaning happily into your own special trough (actually a rather originally shaped white plate).

Meanwhile the rest of the non-bottle decór is brown and magenta, with a lot of wood (floor, tables, chairs, cupboards, beams) and natural brickwork.


There were several interesting looking menus for groups and we chose (or rather we had chosen for us) the sirloin menu by our other hostess, Mari Carmen, whose 39th birthday we were celebrating. Cheers!

The menu was very tasty, ample and varied with, for a starter, thinly sliced aubergine with parmesan cheese and a fresh basil sauce, followed by a salad with various kinds of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, currants, warm goat’s cheese and confiture, avocado and a Modena vinegar dressing.

Next was a kind of pastie, with a filling that was spicy, like a curry, and which I’m assured contained ginger.

A steaming mini paella dish then appeared with fried ham, potatoes and eggs (I believe that they are known here as ‘broken eggs’, although I don’t see how else you could serve them without annoying somebody).

Finally the sirloin in a sherry sauce. The meat almost cut itself it was so lean and tender.

The menus include both beer and the house wines, which were generously served. The house red was from the village of Calles and was a blend of Tempranillo, Syrah and Merlot; a firm solid texture and very quaffable for a house wine, while the white was a Verdejo, where you can rarely go wrong.

We dined in October but many were still making use of the ample terrace outside on two sides of this corner restaurant.

The dessert was a large plate with an assortment of delicacies. I’m not a sweet man (as my wife often reminds me) but I did notice coffee, chocolate and strawberry flavours.

If you are paying yourself, the ordinary daily menu is 7.75€, or there is a special daily for 11.00€, which will be quite adequate for your needs.

There is also a rice menu and a steak one and I’m sure they are very good too.

The Bodeguita Lounge is in Avenida Blasco Ibañex 190, and if you can convince Mari Carmen to re-celebrate her birthday, it’s well worth a visit.





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