Blue Blue Chihuahua

I cannot help but admire anyone who invests all their money in setting up a business, in taking all the risks an entrepreneur must take; but as they say, he who dares wins. I also have the greatest admiration for someone who would name his company ‘Blue Blue Chihuahua; as far as I know those horrible yapping dogs (far more anti-social than Queen Elizabeth’s corgis) are neither blue nor conducive to thinking about buying new bathing suits.

And yet Blue Blue Chihuahua it is and they are a Valencian company beginning to achieve a certain success with their summery suits, soaked in Mediterranean sunshine.

The Company is the brainchild of Borja Conejero, a man not adverse to catching a wave when surf’s up. His idea is personalised bathing suits that are comfortable, suitable for different occasions, respectful of the environment and made in Spain.

After starting with men’s swimsuits, the Company has diversified rapidly following its foundation in 2016. Now they also design and sell original socks, jerseys shirts and t-shirts for men, women and children.

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