Bisbe: to Infinity and the Toilet

Restaurant reviews don’t normally begin by talking about the toilets, and this one is an exception.

It’s just that the toilet (only the Men’s; I checked) is incredible. The experience of standing there where no woman has ever stood (except perhaps Margaret Thatcher) and seeing yourself reflected to infinity, is a wonderful thing, and not one that requires a thing that is wonderful.

Perhaps I should explain; there are three mirrors strategically placed so that your reflection just goes on and on, but in an infinite number of variations.

Warning; this should not be tried at home!

Back to the restaurant; Bisbe is called so because it is located in the quaint little square with trees and a whispering fountain that is in front of the Archbishop’s residence. Not only that, but there are two museums in the same square, one of which claims to be Saint Vicente’s crypt, although it looks pretty modern from the outside.


As I was a guest, we went for the 20€ tasting menu (drinks separate) and faced the inevitable fear with tasting menus, that you will still be hungry when you get through the six dishes plus dessert.


Each dish is relatively small but tasty, hence the name tasting menu; and a great deal of effort had clearly gone into (for example) stuffing a mushroom with quince as well as smoked and Cabrales cheese.

All six dishes were elaborate, tasty and as complex as you wanted to spend time upon them.

The tomato with capers and smoked fish, the cous cous with lamb and vegetables, the spring rolls with blood sausage, apple and spring onions……well, why don’t I just show you the menu!


As good as the food is, what is really nice is to sit out in this little square, which has one other restaurant, and watch the world go by in the warming Valencian winter sun, while you wonder why the Archbishop’s palace needs 40 rooms (does he sleepwalk?)

The wine list is one of the most extensive, but once you come across the Perro Verde white Verdejo wine, you’ll probably be laughing too much at the thought to continue.

Bisbe is situated, as you should know by now in the Plaza del Arzobispo, 6.


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