Art and Oil from Vicente Toldi

Vicente Toldi is an art lover, and probably likes oils, although in the  Vall de la Gallinera he is better known for his olive oil, produced with art, craft and love.

Vicente is best known for having been the dirtector of the Tate Modern Gallery in London, as well as the IVAM in Valencia, but at 650 metres above sea level, the unique micro-climate with about 1,100 mm annual rainfall, mostly before spring and the beginning of autumn when the trees need water the most, and with an average temperature of 18ºC, the Gallinera valley is ideal for the cultivation, growth and ripening of olives.

Olive oils from coastal areas with a mild climate produce well-balanced and harmonious characteristics.
Using the Arbequina, Manzanilla, Picual and Blanqueta olive varieties. Miguel Abad,  is in charge of Tot Oli extra virgin olive oil production.


The area was once inhabited by Muslim families whose fortresses, castles and watchtowers are still in evidence, and he culture of olive oilhere was already part of the agricultural landscape during Roman times.

An ideal place for that first pressing that produces the liquid gold so essential for the Mediterranean diet.

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