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Pioneer course to start in Valencia: Art workshop in English and French for kids, at the workshop-school Petit Atelier d’Arts.


As is the case with most social animals, play prepares us for adult life. Such is the principle embraced at Petit Atelier d’Arts. From October, this school-workshop will add a novelty: Art classes for kids, in English and French.

The aim of the sessions will be art creation. However, the class banter will take place in English and French. Petit Atelier d’Arts presents a model of complementary education that has students thinking in English and French, unaware of their own effort.

Learning and practising languages through art, discovering the work of the great masters, and applying specific art techniques are the three main objectives.

Each session will present a grammar and vocabulary section, and the students will spend the entire session in bilingual conversation, while sharing a creative experience.

Petit Atelier d’Arts is a school-workshop specialising in Children’s Education and Visual Arts. It is the most experienced school-workshop of Valencia, boasting 15 years teaching Art to kids and adults. It is an Artists’ workshop, a space for creativity, managed by art specialists.

It is a proven fact that the best way to learn is having fun. In this workshop, teaching and learning is presented as a game; a game which allows children to become immersed in the creative experience. They learn, increasing their autonomy, psychomotor skills, self-esteem, imagination, culture and social values.


 The course will be taught by Isabelle Bonet and Elida Maiques, with the collaboration of Paco Sales, visual and comic book artist (Al nordeste de Arzew, Ediciones de Ponent), who is co-founder of Petit Atelier d’Arts. The course has been developed with the support of a pedagogue and other English and French specialists.

 The course takes place Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 17:30 to 18:20 for kids 5-8 years old, and 18:30 to 19:20 for kids 9-12 years old.

 Petit Atelier D’Arts

C/ San Ignacio de Loyola 9 Valencia 46008

96 385 64 51 – 656 623 876

Isabelle Bonet

Elida Maiques

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