I APAVAC Writing Contest

Name and surnames Claudia Fernández García
Level F2º ESO
Teacher’s name Inmaculada Casanova

It was seven minutes after midnight…I couldn’t sleep. I went to the kitchen for a glass of water, In the hallway I found my sister looking at me. I called her and she didn’t react. I thought she was sleep walking , for this I left her and I went to sleep. The next day my sister was very strange, She behaved differently and in this way many days and nights went by . My sister was always In the hallway. One day I had an idea of putting cameras to keep an eye on her. That night I was so nervous, I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t know if someone was going to find the cameras. Why was I watching my sister? That wasn’t right. When I got up I ran to get the camera but it wasn’t there. Later I found the camera in my bed, I went to see the recording and I realized it was me. At that moment I felt scared. Someone put the camera in my room to record me. It could only be my sister. My mother didn’t notice the behaviour of  my sister, noone In my family realized. And when I was telling the thing to my mother, she didn’t believe me. One night I put the camera again, I was determined to know what happened. Instead of putting the camera In a place I stayed up all night and In recorded it. My sister came out of her room, I took the camera and I held it. My sister walked back, she turned her head from side to side , she crawled backwards , she clawed  the walls, she made strange noises. It was as if she was possessed. The next morning I received a call, it was my sister. She was in London, she was 4 days there. she had gone to spend a few days with her boyfriend. One shiver went round my back. Who was the one who was with me?


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