APAVAC Stories


Name and surnames  MIREIA IVARS TOMÁS
Level 1 ESO
Title of the story A DAY IN LONDON




It was seven minutes after midnight when I woke up. I couldn’t remember what I had done the day before, but I had a gun, two roses, and a note in my hand:”Go to Baker Street at 5 am.”

Baker Street? Had I travelled to London? Oh, no! I live in Spain, so the trip will be very long. I was very tired, but I couldn’t sleep because it was half past one, so I had only four hours left to go to London.

When I arrived at the airport I noticed that a man was looking at me, but I didn’t care.

The trip was very long and very tiring, there were two kids on the plane that didn’t stop crying. Finally I arrived in London. I was at the airport and I took the train to London city centre. I looked at my watch, and I saw that I had one hour to get to Baker Street so I took a taxi to go there.

When I got into the taxi I saw, again, the man who was looking at me at the airport. I was afraid. The taxi arrived in fifteen minutes, so I had time to have breakfast. I had orange juice with chocolate cookies.

Suddenly, the man of the airport went into the coffee shop with a lot of balloons and a big smile on his face. Then I realised that the strange man was my best friend David.

I laughed and I said to him: “You’re crazy!”

“Hey! I’m not crazy, come with me,” he said.

When we went out of the coffee shop, I could see that in front of us there was… a Guns and Roses concert. I was really surprised.

“Happy Birthday, dear!” he said.

“Thank you!” I answered.

After the concert we visited the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London and the rest of the city.

I thought that the surprise was over, but my friend told me that we were staying in London for a week!

Definitely, it was the best day and the best birthday, and he’s the best friend in the world.

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