The sound by Sandra Gutiérrez Varo
3º ESO
Teacher’s name Amparo Aznar Ruiz
IES Vila-Roja
Almassora (Castellón)
It was seven minutes after midnight… when it sounded.
Once again, like every night seven minutes after midnight. I was so terrified, like every night. I was used to the strange sounds and I always went back to sleep as if nothing were happening. But this day was so different because I decided to go to see what it was. After thinking several times I got out of my bed, I took my glasses and I crossed to the door.
Sorry for not introducing myself. I was excited telling you my story. I am Lena Clark, I am forty six years old and I live in  California in a little town. This story happened in 1970.
I will continue…
When I crossed to the door, the sound stopped. It was so strange because it normally lasted hours and hours. I tried to guess from where the noises came. I went to the guest room, to the kitchen, to the living room and I didn`t see anything, I didn`t hear anybody…  When I most thought I was going crazy, it sounded again. I was totally sure it came from the garden. I walked towards there with a terrible fear. I was shaking like a little scared dog.
I saw a strange animal running across my garden!
It looked like a bear and wolf hybrid. I began to shout as if I was crazy!
Suddenly, all my neighbors opened their windows and doors. They looked at me very shocked…

When I woke up from the shock, I didn´t remember anything about that night. I was sleeping in a hospital during two days. A doctor, told me that I’d have to follow a special treatment. One week later I returned home and I began to remember some things about that night.
I called my brother Mike. He lived in a town near me. He came to my house quickly and he spent a few days with me. During those days we talked about old stories and we spent very good moments. But he had to leave me, and he had to return home with his family. The following days were too empty and the nights were too long and cold.

177 days later I was going back home from work at about twelve. The night was cold and dark. I was listening to “witchcraft” by Sinatra.
For a strange reason, I began to feel dizzy, and suddenly the same strange reason and the same strange animal appeared in front of my car so I lost control of the vehicle and I fell in a ravine.

Hospital again. I´m very tired of this story. Maybe it´s my fate. And here I am, in a hospital bed again. I’m in a horrible sense of dread, with a terrible fear of seven minutes after midnight.

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