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A Little second hand bookshop behind leafy Viveros Park describes itself as Books&More, which is quite an understatement because AIDA, a Spanish NGO with premises in Valencia, Segovia and Madrid, is all about much, much more than books.


In fact the books, and a few other objects such as records and ornaments, are merely a means to an end; an end to poverty, to hunger, to injustice and to discrimination in countries such as Bangladesh, where the money raised from selling the books donated to AIDA help to fund projects to give women more independence, by teaching them to fish and farm.


AIDA stands for Ayuda, Intercambio y Desarrollo. (Aid, Exchange and Development), and in Valencia is run by a group of more than 20 volunteers such as Amparo, who explained to Valencia International that, as well as selling books, they also raise money with a series of events such as poetry readings, crafts workshops, sign language tuition and even talks in English! They also sell some books in English, as well as in French and German.

AIDA is situated at Calle Molinell 14, although there are plans underway to open a second shop in the centre of Valencia to increase AIDA’s effectiveness in, for example, bringing children with cardio-pathological problems from Guinea Bissau, to hospitals in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Switzerland.


Altogether AIDA works in twelve countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and it has just started in Latin America.

Their books are also on sale on-line.


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