A Message from LA

Valencian musician, sound engineer and Grammy award winner Alfonso Rodenas sent this new year message to all Valencia International readers.


Dear friends & fellow travellers,

We finally watched the 1972 film musical  ‘Man from La Mancha’ last night and after a year of hard work we know we are dreaming ‘The Impossible Dream’… and it’s exhilarating!

A heartfelt thank you for coming to our shows this year, for buying our songs, reading our news and connecting with us. Its been a great year, with small and large victories and a few windmills…

In brief we: gained four No.1 spots in the US for our album, ‘Come On!’ on College and public Radio as well as light, medium and heavy rotation on another 170 stations. We’ve played 17 shows, made 10 home music video’s , had 16 music reviews and reached listeners across the globe including Taiwan, Spain, UK , Australia to name a few of the countries. We released one EP, ‘Walking in the Sun’ and one full album ‘Come On!’ and got licensed to a Caixa Bank Commercial in Spain (its still playing!). Our YouTube Channel is nearly at 10’000 views, (not bad for a tripod and three iPhones).

The song of our year was without doubt ‘Walking in the Sun’, please celebrate with us by downloading it for FREE here: Soundcloud (click on the small arrow to the left of the ‘Buy’ button and it automatically downloads).

We’ll be kicking off 2016 with an acoustic Set at the Three of Clubs, Hollywood on Sunday, January 31st.

If you haven’t already downloaded our album, ‘Come On!’, we urge you to do so. The title track is a great one to take into the New Year with you.

We wish you health, wealth and happiness in 2016.

Best wishes,
Victoria & Alfonso XOXO

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