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By José Molina Marco
Presidente de

The Valencian association PROYECTO VOLVER A CAMINAR will start a clinical trial with spinal cord injured patients so that they can walk again.

Based on the advice of an international committee, a combination of cellular therapy and electro-stimulation will be evaluated in Argentina.

Proyecto Volver a Caminar, formed by Fundación Fenexy and Proyecto Lázarus, is going to start a clinical trial with spinal cord injured patients in Argentina with the target of evaluating the combination of two techniques which have shown excellent results separately: Cellular Therapy and Non-Invasive Electro-stimulation.

With the final aim of finding the cure for spinal cord injuries, Proyecto Volver a Caminar established some phases of the work, the first of which was to identify the more promising scientific projects and therapies which have had the best results within the community of international experts.  Special attention has been given to the therapies which were in the clinical phase and tested in human beings, allowing the possibility of evaluating the effectiveness of the therapies to a greater or lesser degree. The combined potential was also considered.

The search, identification, evaluation and selection of the therapies as well as the negotiations with all of the concerned parties took more than 4 years of work.  This has allowed us to reach a satisfactory and solid departure point in completing a combinatory therapy with great potential for success.

Endorsed by the advice of the Unite 2 Fight Paralysis (, an international scientific advisory board, formed by experts in this illness and as a result of their intense activity in the therapies research, Proyecto Volver a Caminar is currently collaborating closely with the GP Gustavo Moviglia (Autologous Cellular Therapy), director and professor in CIITT Maimonides University, Argentina and the GP Mar Cortés (Non-Invasive electro-stimulation) from Burke Rehabilitation Center, in Cornell University, NYC, US, in order to launch the chronic spinal cord injuries clinical trial that allows us to evaluate the efficacy of both techniques in one combined therapy. The number of patients that can be included in this clinical trial will depend mostly on the economic capacity of the non-profit making association.

For this reason, now more than ever, Proyecto Volver a Caminar –formed by the union of Proyecto Lázarus and Fundación Fenexy- in its effort to find the spinal cord cure, calls again on the solidarity of all those concerned and will be thankful for any collaboration that can help us face this final stretch in achieving our target: to allow spinal cord injury patients to walk again.

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