-ID- Mark Sicon Re-exhibits

Mark Sicon is an anglo-spanish artist born and bred in Valencia, and also a regular photographer for Valencia International.

His second major exhibition took place at Valencia’s Wayco Co-Working, Calle Gobernador Viejo, 29, in  March 2017.

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Mark is very much in favour of analogical photography, as a more authentic approach to the relationship between photographer and subject, just as many DJs have gone back to vinyl, and will probably soon rediscover cassettes.

He also feels that digital photography is more ephemeral, and prefers the grain, dust, fingerprints and even the hairs that can be seen in his consciously ‘imperfect’ work.
He uses a totally analogical, artisan  approach, copying images in the lab on photographic paper so as not to depend on any digital means; old school.
He also prefers black and white, and plays with the basics of light and shade, of movement, which passes in an instant, capturing the right moment through instinct, because for him his photography is an art form, not a means of reproducing reality.
Instagram: @marksicon1
Facebook: @marksiconphotography

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