The real story of Cinderella

Name and surnames Yaiza Aguilar Quero
Level 6th
Teacher’sname  Paqui Matamoros Becerra
School CEIP8 Abril
Town  San Antonio de Benageber (Valencia)
Title of the story The real story of Cinderella



It was seven minutes after midnight…


Cinderella was at the dance with her handsome prince, her blue dress and her small glass shoes…


But she knew that in seven minutes all were going to finish. Her dress, her prince…


Her two stepsisters were very jealous. In Cinderella’s tale that all we know at midnight, the magic will go, but her prince looks for Cinderella until he find her AND THE END.


But actually, it does not happen like that, it is difficult to believe, I realize. What happened is the following: Cinderella stayed with her stepmother because her daddy died. But actually, the stepmother killed him.


Cinderella lived as a maid at her stepmother’s house and her only friend was another old maid that lived also at home.


Words came that there would be a royal dance and the Prince was going to be there.


The two stepsisters were like crazy to know the news. Cinderella also wanted to go.


The Prince on the contrary wanted to be at his house with his dog. The stepmother forbade Cinderella to go to the dance, but she and her friend thought of a plan to get to the dance. Cinderella and her friend kidnapped the stepsister’s driver and they put him into the basement’s wardrobe completely naked. Cinderella wore the driver’s clothes over the borrowed dress of her friend.


When they arrived at the dance, she hid behind a tree and took off the driver’s clothes. Cinderella spent all the night dancing and talking about dogs with the Prince. An unforgettable night. But now it is time to go back home.


She spent hours and hours talking with her friend about that night, but her friend only listened and smiled without talking. When Cinderella had finished her friend after long ten seconds said:


– Cinderella, I think that now you are mature to know…I am your mother.


A little Cinderella tear dropped over her face and neck to her rag dress. Her mother said:


– Your father and I were happy with you, but one day I found him dead on the sofa. Behind him there were scary shadows…, your stepmother! She told me that I had to be her maid or she would kill you. As you know, parents do impossible things for their kids. Cinderella with her eyes full of tears just hugged her mother.


I don’t know the reason why Mr. Disney did not publish this version. I think the reason is because the truth is not good for kids. Well, I hope you like this real story of Cinderella.























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