Who is Peter Lim?

Peter Lim Eng Hock, the current owner of Valencia Football Club, with a 70.4% share, is a Singaporean businessman and investor born in 1953.


In April 2015, he was calculated to be the 949th richest man in the world, with an estimated net worth of $2 billion.

And yet Lim started life as the son of a humble fishmonger, with three brothers and four sisters who grew up in one of Singapore’s oldest housing estates, Bukit Ho Swee. The family council flat housed eleven people in 2 bedrooms, with Lim usually sleeping in the living room.

His university studies took him to Perth, where he studied accountancy at the University of Western Australia. To work his way through university he worked as a taxi driver, a cook and a waiter.

He bought his first shares at the tender age of 18 and worked as a stockbroker on the Singapore Stock Exchange working mainly for Indonesian clients.

Lim’s interest in sport led him to set up a S$10 million scholarship to nurture local sports talents.

He had tried to buy several clubs before acquiring Valencia FC, including Liverpool, Middlesborough and Rangers.

He also has a stake in the McLaren Formula One organization.

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