Washing Without Water

Ecowash Strikes a Blow for the Planet.

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Ecowash-Estelcar, a leading Alicante-based company in the “Waterless Car Wash”, offers an innovative and revolutionary vehicle cleaning system with an exclusive Valet Service. It is the result of a fusion of three increasing values in our society.

Ecowash 1The first value is their Franchises network, an extensive group of entrepreneurs, who are keen on introducing this revolutionary “Waterless Car Wash” service/concept. These well trained and highly qualified professionals aim to provide a wide range of valet services for waterless vehicle cleaning.

The second reason for the company’s existence is its wide-ranging portfolio of clients who have already enjoyed the advantages offered by Ecowash-Estelcar. These are clients who trust in the company’s exclusive services, value the quality and the results and enjoy the comfort of keeping their vehicles in perfect condition with just a phone call.

Limpieza moto ecowashThe third essential value and the basis of the company is its strong ecological focus. After many years of research and development, Ecowash has created a wide range of ecological and completely biodegradable products. With each Ecowash-Estelcar cleaning, they and you can contribute to water saving of between 100 and 250 litres. They have managed to turn a polluting and harmful activity, such as the cleaning and washing of vehicles, into an innocuous one, without any kind of residual waste.

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