‘Volta ciclista a València’

Whenever people talk about why they have chosen Valencia as their home, in preference to Halifax or Potsdam, one of the most common reasons given is that Valencia is a city where you don’t need a car. Everywhere is within walking distance and it’s easy to get around on a bike.


Despite the occasional chaotic nature of its bicycle lane network, Valencia remains a city for peddlers, and as well as having several important running events around the city, it also has a popular cycling event, the ‘Volta ciclista a València’.


In 2015 the ‘Volta’ took place on 3rd September and had a 129,5 km route from Valencia to Lliria.

Cyclists set off from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento at 3pm and  reached the finish line at Pabellón Polideportivo Pla de l’Arc de llíria whenever they felt like it. This is not a stressful activity.

For further details check out http://www.fccv.es




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