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FIB, Low, Marenostrum, Arenal Sound, Rototom Sunsplash, Festival de Les Arts; the number of music festivals held in the Valencia Community keeps growing to satisfy the insatiable appetite for music, and the attraction for northern Europeans of attending a rock festival without the inevitable Woodstockian mudslide.

While the big festivals mentioned above get a lot of publicity in national and international media, there are a series of smaller festival, which are growing every year.

The Medusa festival is held on the beach at Cullera in August, braving the jellyfish and sunburn, as well as that horrible sand that you can never get out of your underwear.

The enigmatically named FIGA (which allegedly means Festivalet Independent de Gata, as held in Gata de Gorgos near Javea, or FRA, Festival de Rock de Alaquàs near Valencia.

FUZZVILLE started in September 2015, organized by Burger Records in Benidorm with minor groups such as Biznaga, Terrier, The Pandoras, Juventud Juché, Doctor Explosion, Guadalupe Plata and The Shivas.

QFESTIVAL has its home in Alzira, and also takes place in September, and in 2015 included groups such as Standstill, Els Amics de Les Arts, Mishima and Hidrogenesse.

TRANSTROPICALIA is an Alicante festival, also taking place in September, with a distinctly anti-system attitude, including an unpublicised venue where the public arrive as best they can.

Nueva Vulcano, Mdou Moctar, Rosvita, Trash Kit, Mott and Flyingpigmatanza took the stage in 2015.

DELESTE is more pro-system, taking place in Valencia’s newish Rambleta scenario in the city in October.

SHE’S THE FEST is also held in the city of Valencia, this time in Las Naves in November, and focuses on female groups and singers.

shes fest

Among the performers in 2015 are Joana Serrat, Skinny Girl Diet and Les Sueques.


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