Valencia in the Superbowl

No, even though Valencia Football Club currently has an English manager, that’s not why Valencia will be present at the greatest sporting event of the year in the USA.

It is the Valencian company Jeanologia that will be there on the 50th anniversary of the event on February 7th 2016.

This year the event takes place in the Levis Stadium in San Francisco, a stadium sponsored by the Levi Strauss jean makers, and Jeanologia has been invited because of its unique Nano laser system, which allows jeans wearers to customise their jeans on the spot with their team logo.


Jeanologia has offices and representation in 45 countries on 5 continents. It is a market leader in Laser technology, owning 73% of the world’s laser production in the jeanswear sector. All its technologies are aimed at significantly saving water, chemicals and energy.

Jeanologia was founded by Jose Vidal & his nephew Enrique Silla in 1993, and is currently located in Paterna.



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