Sherlock Discovers Valencia

Something is cooking in Calle de las Cocinas. Valencian sleuths are converging on number 4, Calle de las Cocinas, searching, if not for Moriaty, then at least for a little release from the stress of earning a living without participating in the titanic struggle between the forces of good, evil and indifference.

Clue Hunter is the latest attraction in the city that never sleeps (except perhaps a well earnt sisesta after a copious lunch) and has been brought to the city of their birth by Andreu Soriano, Celia Alba Broseta and Victor Mena.


Andreu and Victor studied at IES El Clot, whereas Celia was a student at Esclavas school, both in Valencia.

Inevitably the inspiration was London, where would be Sherlocks have to compete with the ghost of the real thing, the genuinely invented Sherlock Holmes with his own museum in the house he never inhabited at the fictitious address of 221B Baker Street.


The action takes place in an escape room, where groups of three to five people attempt to resolve a crime in a session lasting an hour.

Wearing suitable disguises, the participants have to battle with a series of clues and puzzles in order to leave the room successfully, using wits and teamwork.


Valencia’s Polytechnic University has collaborated in the launching of this activity, which is starting to gel among the Valencian public, and especially among tourists.


At the time of writing there were two games on offer; The OFFICE OF PROFESSOR WAICHOSKY, where the mysterious disappearance of the Professor is the question, and CAUGHT IN THE BASEMENT, in which the participants have been locked in the cellar of a house lost in the middle of the mountains and their captor back will soon return to have his evil way.

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