Sergio López, Silver Medalist 2017 Global Music Awards

The Valencian composer Sergio López López has been awarded a silver medal at the Global Music Awards of California in the form of “Composition / Composer and Creativity / Originality” for the work “Vento”, dedicated to the disappeared artist José Vento González.
The work was recorded on August 1 of last year by the pianist Alcira Carlos Cortina in the studio Cut Records of Valencia.
“Vento” is a work composed as a tribute to the Valencian artist José Vento González (1940-2013). Of minimalist character, the play plays with the concept of the construction and degradation of an idea, in this musical case. The main theme of “Vento” flows obsessively between the birth and death of its melody, suggesting the natural process of creating a work of art. The passion to create fights with all his energy against the inevitable destiny of being destroyed.


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