Sendra Puts the Boot in Valencia

Why is it I can never find my knee-length python-skin boots when I really need them? Every time they play Nancy Sinatra’s “These boots were made for walking” I just feel the adrenalin flow and I know that I must hit the street and party with the boys.


Fortunately for me and for those who share my proclivity (if that’s the right word) for the authentic feel of leather against naked skin, there is a shop that caters to our whim these days. In fact there are several, but this one’s legal.

I refer of course to SENDRA, the boot capital of the world where, not only can you revel in python skin, but you can also take your pick from crocodile, ostrich or even Manta Ray!

Of course there are other products, although they tend to quiver at the back of the shop in awe as the boot boys stomp their way up the walls.

The cowboy hats are from Mexico, although they are not what we would call sombreros, but the belts, like the boots are made by Sendra themselves at their factory in Almansa, Castilla La Mancha.

This of course explains why you rarely see any of these exotic animals running around wild in La Mancha these days; not that Manta Rays run much anyway.

Sendra have two shops in Valencia and one in Gandia, but if you take your custom to C/ Sueca 15 in Valencia you will be served by Sandra, and will, like me, be able to make extremely unfunny comments about Sandra from Sendra until she gets really narked and boots you out. The other shop is in C/ Hernandez Cortés 2.


Don’t miss the opportunity to try something on in the boot-shaped mirror; it gives you a whole new way to look at yourself.

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