Running Against Slavery (through Valencia)

There are an estimated 300,000 young girls/women in Spain who have been trafficked into prostitution – they are effectively now modern day slaves, subject to abuse and violence.

We are a charity organisation who campaign around the world to try to END HUMAN TRAFFICKING. We undertake sponsored runs and awareness raising activities along major international human trafficking routes.


18 of us (volunteers from a number of countries)  will be making our away along the Spanish Coast between the 5th – 13th August 2015, working closely with the Spanish anti-human trafficking organisation ESCLAVITUD XXI campaigning against human trafficking and raising awareness.

We will be based in Torrevieja for 3 days from 8th – 10th August and then stopping and  campaigning directly in Valencia on Tuesday 11th August where we are joining up with the Spanish ESCLAVITUD XXI Valencia anti-human trafficking group between around 10.00 – 13.00 then mid afternoon on the 11th we are moving up to Barcelona.

Kate Bulpit

Project Director ‘In the long run’

Oasis Belgium

Tel: 00 7764761916



‘In the long run’ (ITLR) ITLR is an Oasis Belgium initiative to raise awareness and campaign internationally about the ever growing international crime of Human Trafficking.Oasis is a group of international registered charities (Registered Charity No. 1098100) which work in 11 countries in the world supporting deprived, isolated and vulnerable communities.

This Oasis ITLR initiative raises funds and awareness by using teams of sponsored runners to draw attention to the campaign against Human Trafficking as they travel along known major international human trafficking routes. In 2013 a route from Bratislava, Slovakia to Brussels was travelled. In 2014, Sofia in Bulgaria to Rome. In March 2015 Grahamstown to Johannesburg in South Africa and this August an ITLR team of 18 people will be travelling from Casablanca, Morocco to Barcelona, Spain. All along the trafficking route the ITLR team work with schools, churches, local and national police, government officials and other organisations who campaign to stop human trafficking; talking to communities about how human traffickers trick and exploit people and helping to advise on how people can stay safe and protect their families. Information is also supplied on how to report suspected human traffickers.

Each team participant will undertake a 10km run every day for 10 consecutive days no matter what the weather conditions using the runs as an awareness raising tool to campaign against the horrors of human trafficking and to raise much needed funds to continue this international work. Money raised also goes towards projects that support people who have been affected by human trafficking.

Human trafficking is now the 2nd largest organised crime throughout the world. We are running and working with the Spanish anti-human trafficking organisation ESCLAVITUDXXI because there are an estimated 360,000 girls and women working in prostitution in Spain. 300,000 of which are estimated to have been trafficked into the sex industry against their will. WE BELIEVE PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE BOUGHT AND SOLD.

Human trafficking is not the same as migration. Human trafficking is about the buying and selling of human beings. It is about exploitation and trafficked human beings usually end up in situations where they are effectively modern day slaves owned, abused and powerless. Facebook ‘In The Long Run’


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