Pickevent: You Choose, in London or Valencia

According to The Guardian newspaper, Pickevent is “The world’s first professional network that connects attendees, speakers and event organisers.” And one of its founders is Valencian Jose Moliner.


Pickevent enables people to find events that interest them and promote their own events, reaching people with similar interests and concerns.

Pickevent is largely about inspiration, and about finding that wonderful speaker who can inspire people at an event you are organising with enthusiasm but without the network of contacts that could help you net the big fish, or at least the small, colourful ones.

Jose Luis Moliner and his partner Jose Bort founded the company in London in 2012, in a city that has over 60 professional events per day. Clearly the project inspired them; they quit their jobs and moved into a one-bedroom London apartment along with Bort’s pregnant wife; a clear case of putting your money and savings where your mouth is.

moliner & bort

They formed a technical development team and marketing department and contacted universities, business schools and all the relevant online professional networks.

After studying at El Plantio International School of Valencia -El Plantio ISV, José Luis graduated from the the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and the European University in Munich and then within two weeks he was off to China, a country he had been visiting since the age of 16 with his father, to work and continue learning for the next two years.

From 2007 to 2012, while working as a Consultant Advisory PI at PricewaterhouseCoopers, a Big Four company, he founded three successful startup businesses, working also in Finland and London, where he is now based.

He saw that the events industry lacked organisation and wanted to create a structure that made life easier for people who shared his passion for finding the best, most up to date ideas. The company mainly focuses on London, but are currently also setting up in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona.


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