A Miracle (or 2) for Christmas

Vicente Gandia is one of my favourite Valencian wine makers, and I don’t say that just because Javier Gandia once bought me lunch, although it didn’t do any harm.

They are an enterprising company, always looking for new ways to promote eno-tourism, such as a visit to the vineyards in hot air balloon.

The Miracle series of wines and cavas denotes its name from the fact that the producers consider it a miracle to have stayed in business despite all the setbacks they’ve had to face in a long, illustrious career, and the fact that the word is the same in Valencian and English doesn’t hurt either.

The organic Brut version is made with Chardonnay and Macabeo grapes, and goes well with aperitifs, smoked fish and meat, oysters, grilled fish, sushi and seafood.

Organically produced cava is a natural product, cultivated in such a way as to ensure the highest levels of quality, while also respecting the environment. Thus, the cultivation of the vines does not involve the use of any artificial product that could damage the land. Likewise, ecological regulations regarding wine production limit the use of sulphates by 50%. This wine is made from organically grown grapes and has spent 15 months ageing in the cellars.

It has a straw yellow colour, with elegant and persistent bubbles, a clean and fruity aroma with prominent citrus character and an undertone of floral notes. The full bodied Chardonnay offers a magnificent presence on the palate, dry but at the same time fruity, and with a lingering aftertaste.

The Organic Cava won a Silver Medal Mundus Vini in Germany in 2012

The non-organic variety is similar and has collected even more awards, which may demonstrate that north Europeans have developed a taste for toxics. It has won a

Gold Medal Concours Mondial Bruxelles (Belgium) 2010

Bronze Medal Effervescents du Monde (France) 2011

99 points Premium Select Wine Challenge (Germany) 2011

Silver Medal Effervescents du Monde (France) 2013

Gold Medal Monde Sélection (Belgium) 2013

Silver Medal Selections Mondiales des Vins (Canada) 2014

El Miracle Cava

The Miracle Brut Rosé is 100% Garnacha

And is recommended for drinking with fish and roast beef

The grapes are from western Requena, grown on north-facing slopes, with patient, peaceful ageing in the cellars. This cava has spent over 15 months at 17ºC, undisturbed and with no sudden changes in temperature or light conditions. Day by day it has grown in complexity, fullness on the palate and elegance in its bubbles.

It is a gooseberry-coloured Cava with reddish hints, luminous, with elegant and persistent bubbles. Intensely fragrant, it

Unfolds ripe red fruit aromas on a bottom note of patisserie and

mocha, and is full-bodied and lasting on the palate, with balanced acidity and hints of rye bread.

It has also stacked up some recognition, winning, Silver Medal Effervescents du Monde (France) 2011

Silver Medal Concours Mondial Bruxelles (Belgium) 2012

Commended Decanter (UK) 2012

Gold Medal Berliner Wein Trophy (Germany) 2013

Silver Medal Selection (Germany) 2013

Gold Medal Challenge International du Vin (France) 2014

El Miracle Rosé


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