Mike Galeck and Viva Las Vegas

Mike Galeck is a young Valencian director who is spreading his talent across the world.
Among his six international awards isa hatrick in Las Vegas.
Mike sent his work to Mofilm, which is a platform that allows creators from all over the world to offer their audio-visual projects and compete for awards. (https://mofilm.com/)
Mike’s contribution to Mofilm can be seen here: https://vimeo.com/151990868
His project, designed for a start up company, competed with international household names such as Foot Looker, Eastern Bank, Chevrolet, Dos Equis and Avnet.
His contribution earned him a trip to Las Vegas,  where he competed with the rest of the best at CES Las Vegas 2016, where he was able to enjoy his name completing the famous phrase: “and the winner is……”.

He has so far won this prize three times, and is the only spaniard in the organisation’s Hall of Fame.



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