Marc Grin, Bearing the Burden at Murviedro

As of January 2016, Swiss executive  Marc Grin, took the helm at Bodegas Murviedro.

Marc Grin

Between 2010 and 2012 he was responsible for the markets of Eastern Europe and Russia, and from 2012 worked in Florida USA for the Valencian company

Since 2015 Marc had been working in Requena as Marketing Director, and now takes the reins of the Company, which is part of Bodegas Hispano Suizas, which in turn forms part of the Schenk Group.

Murviedro, the old Arab name for Sagunto, has been making wine since 1927 and currently produces some 25 million bottles a year, a provocation that the Valencian wine drinking public has attempted to deal with, but which inevitably means that a certain amount of exportation is necessary; 95% of its total production in fact, much to our shame.

Most of the excess is sold in the Uk, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Scandinavia and Japan.

Hopefully, with one less Swiss citizen in Switzerland, Marc’s presence here will stimulate domestic consumption and restore national pride.


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