Liip: Sleepy Time Time

As all parents know, the only thing worse than a crying baby is a baby that is too quiet. Fortunately, the Valencian tech company Liip has come up with a solution, an alternative to peeking round the door every ten seconds and checking that baby is still breathing (which usually wakes it up and starts it crying anyway).

Liip has developed a bracelet that connects with your baby so you can enjoy your infant as you deserve. After all your baby needs you at all times, but there are some moments where it is more vulnerable, for example when it is sick or asleep, and requires a greater protection.

The simple bracelet informs you when it detects changes in your baby’s health that require your attention. A unique algorithm with revolutionary software is capable of identifying any changes in temperature, breathing or pulse and warns you before it becomes a problem for your baby.

Blood oxygen is also measured, and the bracelet is elastic so it adjusts perfectly to the baby’s leg throughout its development and growth.

All the materials are hypoallergenic and biocompatible, and soft material that respect your baby’s skin is employed.

The bracelet is also washable, guaranteeing the maximum hygiene, and warnings are sent to you via your mobile.

The information emitted is shared with your paediatrician, who therefore has have better knowledge of your baby’s health in order to provide you with personalized health care.

The team, with experience in bio-chemistry, engineering and paediatrics includes Héctor Llorens, Co-founder and CEO, Víctor Herrero, Co-founder and Administration and Operations Director, David Güémez Co-founder and Marketing, Juan Montesinos, Co-founder and Counselor, Sergio Negre Counselor and Pediatrician, Pascual Montesinos ,I+D Coordinator and Sergio Guerrero I+D Technician.

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