Krakatoa: Fast Forward to the Past

Some songs are indelibly recorded in the memory, inseparable from the scratches on the disc. Those scratchy souvenirs could all but disappear if it wasn’t for companies like Krakatoa, who are putting nostalgia first.

Like parking, putting the needle onto a turning disc without carving a new scratch is art more tan leisure, and in today’s one-touch digital society, it’s as comforting as the sound of a typewriter or a wáter pump.

As Shakespeare says, there’s nothing new under the sun, and no sooner do you throw out your bell bottom jeans tan they come back into fashion again.

The same is true of vinyl, and in 2016 alone almost half a million vinyl records were sold, quite a few of them by four Friends from Castellón who founded Krakatoa in 2013, and now find themselves alone in the Spanish vinyl production market for the momento.

The biggest maker of vinyl discs is located in the Czech Republic, and a contact there and a few beers too many led to Krakatoa, that and a love of music.

So if nostalgia becomes popular again and the past perfect dictates taste, Krakatoa could be on to a good thing; if it doesn’t explode in their faces.


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