III Watercolourists Encounter “Ciutat de València”

The third annual edition of the Encounter organised by the Valencian Watercolourists Group (Agrupación de Aquarelistas Valencianos) took place on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd October.

The encounter was open to all those who love watercolour and artists from all over Spain , once again, visited our great city and were inspired by its light, warmth and immense pictorial possibilities.

The aim of the encounter was to paint, meet new people, and exchange opinions and experiences.
At the end of each session, the artists’ works were put on public display.

Saturday’s activities began at 09:00 in the Plaza de Alfonso el Magnánimo (also known as the Parterre) with the issue of credentials and general information and the collection of the money of those who wished to attend the dinner in the evening. At 10:00 there was a painting demonstration by Miguel Torrús, the resident artist for Windsor and Newton in Spain.

Having received their documentation, the painters chose where they were going to paint, mainly in the historic centre of the city.

At 17:00 the participants met in the Plaza de Alfonso El Magnánimo to exhibit the works they had done during the day.

There was also be a painting demonstration.

On Saturday evening there was a dinner in the restaurant run by the well-known chef Julio Milla in the Casino de Agricultura de Valencia in calle Comedias.

At 12:30 they displayed their works in one of the Cloisters of the Centro del Carmen.



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