Hemingway and Valencia

A journalist from Valencia’s biggest selling Spanish newspaper, EMV Levante followed the merry band of brothers (and sisters) who inaugurated Valencia International’s Hemingway and Welles route.

An extensive article was published on Sunday 21st June on page 74, and some photos were published in the on-line version:


Many people associate Ernest Hemingway with Pamplona, and rightly so, and yet this great writer and bon viveur also held a place in his heart for the city of Valencia, where he arrived for the first time in July 1925 as a young man looking for bulls and adventure.


Valencia International has researched Hemingway’s many stays in Valencia and, to coincide with the international cinema festival, Cinejove, organised a Hemingway route on Saturday 20th June, visiting all the places associated with both Hemingway and his friend Orson Welles, in the hope that, like Pamplona, Valencia will recognise the value as a tourist attraction of the great man’ s love of this city.

Many of the original bars and hotels now serve other purposes, but with a Hemingwayian dose of imagination, it is still possible to sense the presence of the man himself.

Some of the sites, which form part of Valencia’s history and heritage, are even now being destroyed unnecessarily, and this too we as emphasised.

Valencia is mentioned in many of his books, including Death in the Afternoon, The Dangerous Summer and For Whom the Bell Tolls, and extracts from these books were read during the tour, in situ.

Our special thanks to John Rawlins for the very Hemingway-like jug of beer at the end of the trail.



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  1. John Rawlins Reply

    June 21, 2015 at 11:08

    It was a great tour – and I look forward to the next one.

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