Guitarras Bros and Amy Winehouse

Mitch’s girlfriend had a house near Gata de Gorgos, the famous ‘basket’ village near Javea, and being a musical family they paid a visit to the well-known artesan guitar manufacturer there, ‘Guitarras Bros’, named after the founder in 1974 Francisco Bros.

The guitar ended up in the hands of Mitch’s daughter and she used it to compose some songs.

None of this would matter very much if it weren’t for the fact that Mitch’s surname is Winehouse, and his daughter was Amy. The songs she composed on a Bros guitar were later recorded for her “Back to black” álbum, with which she won 5 Grammys.

Francisco learnt his trade at Chirivella, just outside the city of Valencia, at the workshop of Dolores Marin, who had learnt the trade from the prestigious craftsmen at Hijos de Vicente Tatay.

Francisco and his wife moved to Gata in 1974, and established the Bros legend there.

Today, their son Paco maintains the legacy of his parents, combining craftsmen’s tradition, with the advances in technique and technology, obtaining a product of the highest quality, frequently tailor-made to the client’s specifications.


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