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I had always believed that dressing smartly meant taking clothes from the wardrobe rather than from the back of the chair, but apparently there is a new concept, a new dress code whose password could be GOW. Not enough letters you mutter, but Gow is state of the art when it comes to wearable technology’ and Gow’s founder and CEO is Javier Guillén from Valencia.


Today’s jogger is not content to sweat, suffer and listen to Frankie Goes to Hollywood on the headphones. Today’s jogger is a part time scientist/doctor who wants instant, accessible information about heart beat rate, pulse, and dehydration levels and, unable to contract a team of doctors to jog behind, has to rely on cutting edge clothing produced by Wear Tech under the brand name Gow.

Smart Sports Bra back

Since 2007 Wear Tech has been working in the tower of a castle in Paterna trying to bring to life a smart shirt, heart monitor and mobile phone in a format that doesn’t resemble Frankenstein’s monster.

Somebody stood up and took notice as Gow won the Best 2012 App Date Award, and since then has only looked back to see where the runners up had got to as Wear Tech crosses the Atlantic begins to sell in the great jogging market in the sky: New York.

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