If God Gives You Lemons……

Thirty days (and thirty nights) that’s the new life expectancy of a wounded lemon now that José Ramón and Javier, two experienced hostelry workers have developed a revolutionary method to conserve freshly cut fruits without resorting to artificial preservatives.


This resolves an enormous problem for the hostelry business, and especially for large scale events such as weddings and communions where vast numbers of diners expect their fruit salads to be fresh and crunchy and not turning brown or turning up at the corners.

Even more important, cocktails can now be served fresh, with or without twirling umbrellas.

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The thirty day life sentence is a twenty day improvement on their competitors, and so this company, originally based in Ribarroja and now operating from new premises in Torrent,  is now expanding rapidly the range of fruits available for the fussy barman and events organiser.

If most great ideas are accidents, it was industrial accidents that inspired their project, as they had witnessed many a bloody finger in kitchens as staff rushed to cut up large quantities of fresh fruit in time for the happy couple’s nuptials.


Their adventure began in 2012 with the launching of Ready Fruit and Lemon & Co, the two brand names with which they market their products, of which they now sell a million euros a year worth of product with the help of 10 employees and their sights clearly set now on the wonderful world of vegetables as their next challenge.


Their products are currently exported to Europe by the Get Germany trading company based in Aldaya, and the company is now planning an expansion into Turkey in order to cover the European market.




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