Falomir: Games Without Frontiers

The Valencian board game manufacturer Falomir, with headquarters in La Eliana, is searching for new horizons on the other side of the Atlantic, and hopes to sign agreements in Argentina in January 2015.

Falomir already exports 10% of its production to South America, in countries such as Panama, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Chile and Uruguay.

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The company produces 50% of its games in Spain and the rest in China, totalling 500,000 units in all.

The company recently extended its internationalization process by buying the licensing rights to sell the North American success game Last Word, produced by Buffalo Games USA.

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The company will also raise its international profile by appearing at trade fairs in Hong Kong and Nuremberg in 2015, and has plans to penetrate the markets of Franc, Germany UK, Italy and Poland.

Falomir has been making and selling toys and games since 1945 and employs 25 people, although with seasonal variation.


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